Two rivers border the District to the south. To the east flows the Anacostia, slow and unsuspecting. The banks along its green waters were home to Native American tribes. Where fish were once brought to shore, now fecal coliform bacteria and polychlorinated biphenyls dance over the banks. It’s a different kind of green.

To the west flows the gray and mighty Potomac, General Washington’s river. The Potomac Conservancy Group gave it a “D+” in 2007 for high levels of heavy metals and other pollutants, as well as the inexplicable presence of “intersex” fish. Every day I stare down at the two of them from the window by the copy machine on the 7th floor of my building. Every day. These rivers are polluted, they’ve been neglected and poisoned and dumped on. Rivers can be rehabilitated, but I never see anyone trying. Not from this window anyway.

We have bigger problems here. Problems that I wish I could solve.

In lighter moments of the day I think about growing my hair long and hiking the Appalachian Trail. I want to finally learn the piano and take cooking classes at night. I’d love to drink coffee and read the paper all morning. I want to go on adventures with no beginning and no end. I long for freedom, I long for the immediacy of it all.

Inevitably, the smile from this escape turns downwards, and a blank stare returns to my face. None of this is possible. Not now, and certainly not here. Besides, who am I kidding with these fantasies? I’m just a spoke in the wheel. I trudge along, day after day at the Department of Undead Management. I live in Capital Z.


This is fiction. This is not really happening…


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  1. Rooster Cogburn Says:

    OR IS IT???

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