This is not the zombie apocalypse I envisioned. There are no zombies roaming the streets as cars burn out and buildings crumble to the ground. I’m not the unlikely leader of a small band of survivors making our way to safety in the countryside, hoping to start a new life together.

I look out of my window and the city just looks dead. It’s cold and gray and empty.

Though widely rumored, there never was a breach of the fence at the containment site. It’s been two weeks and all of the zombies remain inside. The zombie affliction never spread, yet tens of thousands of people have died and many more are sick, like me.

I’d go to the Doctor but what’s the point? No one knows what we have, and even if I found one, there’s nothing they could do for me. Everyone who’s gotten this thing dies sooner or later. Everyone. All of a sudden, being a zombie doesn’t sound so bad.

You’d think I’d have something profound to say about life while standing at death’s door, but I don’t. I just sit in my apartment and judge.

This is the Mayor’s fault, this is the Government’s fault. This is Marion Barry’s fault. We’re in this mess because of the ZCA. This is my fault.

But I’ve never once blamed the zombies for any of this. Can you?

In all seriousness. Can you blame a zombie for acting like a zombie?

When they were human, they didn’t choose to be infected. Once infected, they did what came naturally to them. And when we had them all in the containment site, they were merely petri dishes for our misguided efforts to cure them.

Was it wrong of them to just be themselves?

It was us that judged them deficient. It was us that judged them wrong and evil. It was us that judged them the cancer that must be removed.

I wonder if they felt that way about us…

I started working for DDUM because I wanted to help. I wanted to be a part of the solution, to protect people, to cure the disease. At least that’s who I thought I was. In the end I created more harm than good. And look where we are now.

It’s a hard reality to escape. The zombies have won. We’ve lost. DC is a ghost town, and those that remain have no real future unless there’s a cure soon. My guess is we’ll be waiting a long time if we think someone else is going to fix things.

Prepare all you like. Stockpile canned foods and shotguns if it makes you feel better. Whatever you do, it won’t matter. There will be no announcement on the nightly news, or in the papers, or on facebook, or on twitter. There will be no announcement because the apocalypse already started without us.

So tell me this: What will you do when you realize it’s already too late?